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Popping sound alternatives

Greetings all, I’m a bit of a newbie at the car repair. But I enjoy doing it and it saves me money.

My wife has a 2002 Toyota Sequoia that has developed a popping sound when turning and accelerating. I researched it and it sounds like its a bad CV joint. I inspected both sides but all the boots look fine. Aged but no tears or signs of grease. Before I take it apart, is there anything else it could be?

Thanks in advance

A worn ball joint can make that sound.

To find out, place a jack under the lower control arm and raise the vehicle until the tire is about 4-6" off the ground. That will unload the lower ball joint.

While watching the lower ball joint, have someone place a pry device under the tire, (a length of 2X4 or pipe) and have them lift up and release the tire.

If the ball joint is worn, you’ll see it.


Many thanks. I’ll try that.