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Clutch problem

1998 chevy metro. i got in to drive and the cluth stayed down and i can’t use it now. it was put in about a year 1/2 ago. What could be wrong and is it expensive to fix?

When a clutch pedel does that, there’s a problem with the clutch hydraulic system.

If you mean that the clutch assembly was replaced recently? That can be done without disturbing the clutch hydraulic’s


What do you mean the clutch stayed down? If the clutch pedal did not move back from bottom and the car did not engage gears then your clutch job was crap. There are several return springs that might stop the pedal from coming all the way up but it should still get in gear. The center bearing on the clutch lever could have fallen off but you did not mention any noises. The expense to fix is trying to get the person who installed it to fix it. Unless you have put 80k miles on it then job done was correct. And you need to tell the mechanic who did the job that it is his problem. Otherwise you have a new mechanic and a lawyer fix the problem.

The clutch pedal was down, no tension. I drove home which was a short distance and had to force the car in gear w/o aid of the clutch. From a stop sign it was tough to put it in 1st and 2nd. After I stopped it in the driveway and turned it off, I was able to start the engine. There was no noise, just a limp pedal. I will call the guy who did the clutch kit, but he may be in Mexico for the winter. So if I can’t get hold of him I will take it to a shop nearby. I’m hoping I can get it fixed w/o a huge expense. I know what a clutch kit costs for a Chevy Metro, but it’s the labor plus that. Shops seem to pad that cost. I’m hoping he won’t have to replace everything. This is where it’s good to have a guy along. Thanks for your information about the clutch.

I don’t know how to check the hydraulic fluid. I’ll look at the manual and look to see if it is empty or something. Thanks

the mechanic replaced the clutch cable. it disengages too high now, in my opinion. he said the clutch is probably not going to last. Then I told him it was put in about 1 1/2 years ago. Whatev’ He said transmission fluid was leaking also so I said to fix that. Also I need a new muffler and the oil filter was leaking. Well, that shop is the one who gave me an oil change last. Maybe he didn’t see the sticker. My bill was $257.00. then i went to Walmart and got an oil change. I’ll get the muffler in a muffler shop.

the mechanic replaced the clutch cable. it releases a bit high, but it works.

Make sure that there is about an inch of clutch pedal movement before resistance becomes higher. This guarrantees that the clutch pressure plate is not being held off leading to clutch slippage and eventual failure. Also the throw out bearing will not constantly be turning which would lead to its early failure.

The higher pick up point might be the result of your getting used to compensating for cable stretch before it finally broke. But, you also want to make sure that the automatic clutch cable adjusting mechanism is working correctly.

Hope to help.