2007 Accord V6 Whining Noise?

This actually started today. It’s been for the past 2 month or so, on cold startups in the morning, i would get a belt squeal, and it would go away after a few revs, as the car warmed up
Then today, i got this whining noise when idle and louder when on the gas. The noise is there when in neutral as well. Any suggestions? Safe to drive?
Here is a video of the whining noise

So why haven’t you replaced the belt? And tested the tensioner?

Sounds like my neighboor 2008 Accord before his alternator went kaput. No more noise after he replaced it.

I would say that it is a bearing on one of the accessories that are driven by the serpentine belt…or the belt itself.

It is safe to drive, but I would get it fixed soon, but it isn’t an emergency to get it fixed tomorrow.

You may be able to check which bearing by usine a short 2ft piece of garden hose.
Have the engine running, carefully rest one end of the hose on each item (alternator, tensioner, AC Pump, etc) as close to the pulley as possible, then place your ear on the other end of the hose.


I can’t be much help here except to say, my 2006 Accord V6 never made that sound, and to echo Corrolaguy1’s thoughts. My Highlander sounded just like that before the alternator needed to be repalced.