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My GMC boogies down the road

My car feels like it’s not getting gas. It almost feels like it surges. It does it in park,going down the road, full tank or almost empty,does’nt matter.I’ve had the big test machines put on it. Nothing showed up. They put a fuel pressure guage on it. They put a map sensor on it,a high pressure fuel pump, an idol motor and 4 other items I can’t remember the names of. I do know they were all relate to a fuel problem. I think 2 were sensors of some kind and onething was a fuel pick-up or something like that. Please help! It’s starting now to not want to go when you give it gas.

How long ago (miles and months) did this start? When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced? How about the air filter, plugs and wires?

It was probally 1000 miles ago it started. I have had every filter replaced in the last 6 months. Along with plugs,wires and the transmission fluid and filter. New tires, brakes done. I’ve had two fuel pumps and filters put on in the last two weeks.