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2k silverado fuel problems

So i ran my 2000 silverado out of gas somewheres around new years, put about 8 gallons of gas in it and couldn’t get it to start up again.

did some looking around and figured it must be the fuel pump since a lot of ppl have had problems w/ them.

so i’ve finally been able to afford a new one. replaced the factory pump ( it had the square 4 pin electrical connector along side the flat 3 pin )

filter, and i changed the relay (?) under the hood, looks like a big blocky fuse, for the f/pmp. . . the gas gauge is still registering nothing when i should have like 1/4 tank and i can’t get the truck to start.

it turns over, it tries, but never so much burps =(

am i missing a fuel cut off switch or something? i didn’t think my truck had one, i know fords do - but even still, they’re inertia switches right ?

i’m suspecting power to the pump but don’t know how to check.

Any idea’s ?

GM uses the oil pressure switch as a safety feature for the fuel pump instead of an inertia switch. This way if oil pressure is lost from the engine shutting off or in the event of a roll over power is cut off to the fuel pump. So the oil pressure switch may be the problem.


the gas gauge doesn’t move when i key up . .and after a few seconds of cranking the oil pressure gauge jumps up to an average range

What is the fuel pressure at the injector rail? You’ll need to purge the air out the rail anyway.

i don’t think i have any, when i depress the valve it’ll dribble a little sometimes and then nothing . . . which makes me think that the pumps not gettin power.

Check to see if there is a fuel reset button somewhere. On some vehicles, the pump is supposed to shut off in the event of a roll-over, and maybe this needs to be reset.