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97 GMC Safari

I was taking off from a stop light the other day and all of a sudden my van started to cough and sputter. I pulled the fuel filter out and replaced with new which was thoroughly clogged by the way. I figured that was it for sure. Same problem.It will start barely and after it’s running it will idle fine until you step on the gas pedal and it starts to cough and sputter.I suspected a fuel pump problem but tested it with my fuel pressure guage and its within specs 55-61 psi. There are no error codes being generated. I have a code reader. I tried a new TPS for laughs but that didn’t work either. The van has 197k on it and I replaced the fuel pump once about 70k miles prior. I love this vehicle, it’s been very good to me. Could it be a timing problem? PCM? Fuel injectors? I’m at a loss. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve got a '99 GMC exhibiting the exact same problem. It began about 2 weeks ago, so I thought it was bad gas. I changed out the fuel filter (which was pretty clogged), cleaned out the throttle body, and drove away. The problem was actually worse! I’ve got 107,500 miles on it, and I change the oil religiously every 3 - 4,000 miles since day one. There were no error codes exhibited on my van, either. I wonder what’s going on?

My dad had an 85(I think) Nissan Sentra that did the same thing. He replaced the fuel filter cleaned the ports in the carb, etc. and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He took it into the dealer who hooked it up to their computer. It wasn’t generating an error code either. They replaced the computer, then got an error code for a bad barometric sensor. Hope you don’t have the same thing going on.

I feel your problem is still fuel delivery related. Since your good at pulling the tank pull the pump out check the screen filter at the pump,look in the tank and see if there is alot of sediment.Your report that your filter was completly clogged directs me to this area. I myself would replace the pump again (I know your pressure readings are good) those pumps arent expensive but they are poor quality.I dont know how the different brands compare but OEM are not good.

May I suggest that you check every vacuum line meticulously.

You might want to try this, because it worked for me today. My van stalled out 3 times in less than 400 yards this morning, so I headed over to my local mechanic, who put his scope on it. No problems. Nothing on the scope. He drove it for about 30’ in reverse and it bucked and stalled again. He went inside, made a call to the parts store, and replaced the CKP sensor, after I had pulled apart the glove box and doghouse enclosure.We fired up the van, got about 50’ and it stalled again. We took a drive on the interior streets for about a mile before heading out onto the main road. It ran like a top - it just took the computer about 2 miles to “learn” what the new sensor was telling it. He charged me $136.00 for the diagnostic,the new sensor and 3 hours worth of his time. I’ll be going back when the next problem comes up.