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My foot slips

Occasionally my foot slips off my gas pedal and/or my brake pedal. Is there anything I could buy to give my foot more traction? Thank you very much.

If I were you, the first thing I would do is to clean the pedals and the soles of my shoes to be sure that any slippery residue from oils, waxes, silicone spray, etc are removed.

It sounds to me like you have something coating the pedals and/or your shoe soles.
Using a spray cleaner (Fantastik, Formula 409, or similar) that has some grease-cutting ability could potentially work some miracles for you.

How old is your Accent?

Lugged-sole boots?

Really, if you’re driving with smooth leather soles, upgrading your footwear is probably the best option.

How old is this car and how worn out are the rubber pads on the pedals? You can get replacements, though I suspect the best options have already been given - clean it all up and change your shoes.

My Accent is six years old. abxxx

Slipping off the gas is definitely not as bad as slipping off the brake pedal. If non-slip shoes and cleaning the pedal don’t help enough, you might try covering the brake pedal with tightly-fitting rubber bands or similar to increase the grip.