Brake pedal


I own a 2004 Hyundai Accent. I don?t know why this is happening. But occasionally when I put my foot on the brake to stop the car my foot slips off the brake and sometimes lands on the gas pedal. Is there anything that I could do to the brake pedal to give my foot more traction when I put it on the brake pedal? Thank you very much. Al Brown


although i do NOT usually mention this to anyone, especially my kids, there are pedal covers which slip on to your pedals. you may have to try a couple of them to get ones that fit, but it is possible to get the “new pedal” stickyness so your foot doesnt slip off.


I agree with Cappy. The pedal covers can be bought at the local VIP for typically under $10.

This is a good suggestion for owners of older cars too. When my Toyota pickup’s pedal got old and lost its tread I replaced teh cover and it made a huge difference.


There are new covers that have spikes in them. I think they’re ugly but I can’t see them while driving.