My favorable review thanking DiscounTire

Nobody has time for that, Discount Tire is not a custom-build You Tube show.

Can’t you take a hit? They tried hard to lose you as a customer.

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I’ve been patronizing one of those warehouse places for the last decade. Budget sounding name but they never leave any stickers, sticker residue or other stuff on the tire. In fact, only one place I ever experienced that and was kind of ticked off they left the stickers on the treads to wear off while driving.

I just remembered this experience I had with a nearly new motorcycle. In a moment of weakness :grinning: I took it back to the place I bought it for routine maintenance. Engine oil, shaft and rear gear oil change. When I went to pick it up, there was oil dripping down housing from all 3 fill plugs. WTF? I went back in to voice my displeasure and the guy tells me they do that on purpose. So people know they actually did the work. Seriously? Like you couldn’t just dribble gear oil down the housing without opening it? {Deer in headlights stare} You’re leaving a mess for me to clean up and it literally serves no purpose other than reflecting negatively on your work ethic…

Many years ago, my brother had something (I forget the specifics) replaced on his Camry’s engine. When he went to pick it up, the old part–complete with a small puddle of oil–was sitting on his center console. To their credit, they did clean it up when my brother pointed-out their slovenliness, but he never returned to that place.

As long the shop fixes the car properly for a competitive fee, and doesn’t introduce more problems, me, I say that shop is golden, & wouldn’t complain if they left the oily old part on the center console. Esp true if I had asked for the old part back. Sort of curious why a tech wouldn’t place the old part in a plastic bag though. When I take an old part to a parts store for comparison when buying a replacement I always put the old part in a transparent plastic bag so as to not get their counter dirty.

I just asked my brother, and he provided some details. The part in question was apparently the oil pressure sensor, and he told the service writer that he wanted the old part back. He said that they seemed to be pissed-off by that request, so perhaps that was the reason for the oily old part to be left on his console. Quien sabe?

This was at the Toyota dealership, with which he had some minor quibbles previously. After that incident, he used an indy mechanic who I recommended.

My wife’s Malibu had a wheel bearing replaced under warranty. When we picked up the car, it had 2 unopened salsa containers on the passenger floor. These was the little plastic cups with the lids on them. Had we not noticed them, it’s possible we could have kicked them getting into the vehicle and spilled red salsa all over the light brown carpeting on the floor. This would have made a big, smelly, stain. My wife gave the service advisor quite the talking too.

As for me, I don’t mind if you use the test drive to go get breakfast burritos. But do not leave a mess in my vehicle.

for my work, I sometimes have to use the dealership to work on my big rigs. A couple of times we have received a truck back reeking of cigarette smoke. As a smoke free company, this is completely unacceptable.
I took issue with the service manager, and he swore up an down that it could not be any of his guys, as they know better. until I showed him the dash cam video of his test driver smoking in my truck…


Way back my new 74 olds developed a trans problem at 20,000 miles. It would slip out of drive with any pedal pressure. The dealer repaired it under warranty but in the car was the used part in a plastic bag. About a ten inch plastic disc with a crack in it. I never did figure out what it was, but must have been standard procedure to provide the old part. I thought it was nice.

Good or bad I’ve started to use brake clean to spray oil off the engine when I change oil. Makes everything look nice. The stuff is a little expensive though. Even used it to clean up the brake fluid residue after pumping out a pint of fluid on the floor.

As cheap Cub Scout, were I to buy letters to make a sign it would $ave by sharing letters.

DiscounTire may cause people to dwell a second or two on the unique spelling.

Think I saw a product with a name sharing letters.

I’ve customized the seats as they are very uncomfortable. I’ve added spaces and shims to the seat and it fits me and my back. They moved the seat back and laid it down completely… Not even my wife moves or adjusts the seat because she know that if it move an inch I’ll be incapacitated for a month due to a lower back injury.

Discount Tire warranty states: “Were not happy until your happy” and I’ wasn’t happy with 5 of the 6 sets of tires we tested on the van. ALL except the Nokian brand flexed or over flex which made for unsafe driving. Plus Discount tire installed a set of new tires on the front of the van when they should have bene installed on the rear of the van.

many of you are acting like this is my fault… you weren’t there and you didn’t see what happen. In other words… you’re not in my shoes and experienced what the wife and I did while there. The only good thing that came out of this is that we locate one of the best tires on the market that works on our van without any sidewall flexing. This made for a very formulable drive handling corners very well. Those other tires sent the van into the curbs causing road rash and wheel damage on wheel that are NOT made anymore…

Nonsense , tires that bad could not even be sold for public road use.

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Fair point. But most corporate advertising rhetoric tend to be over the top; i.e not intended to be to taken literally. My lunch-going coworkers & I used to go to a nearby pizza restaurant that advertised they’d bring the pizza to your table within 7 minutes after you placed the order w/the waitress. Try as they might, the staff just couldn’t do it in 7 minutes. Usually took around 10 minutes. To their credit the staff would offer a no-charge lunch b/c they didn’t meet the 7 minute limit, but I insisted as long as we liked the pizza, which we did, that we pay the full amount, plus tip.

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Though they sell and mount tires, I did not know Walmart could patch.

At our local Walmart I bring used motor oil and now metal spin-on oil filters forecycle.
Oops. Recycled that “r” by habit.

If you don’t feed him maybe the idiot will leave.

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Is this the same Discount Tire guy who said to you a few years ago that you want to inflate tires are 10+ lbs over what Lexus said?

Different DiscounTire.
They all would inflate to 35 psi.
My request of 45 psi is still under the tire Maximum Pressure - 51 psi
They would never inflate to above Maximum Pressure.

I want to know which Lexus year or model specifies 45psi.

Bob’s RX calls for 41 psi. He travels in a mountain region, it might be 40 degrees cooler at higher elevations than it is at his starting point.

The ES 350 tire pressure reference guide in the owner’s manual shows 46 psi.


So since he regular drive 130 mph for emergency things, at 45 psi he is too low, it should be set at 46 psi front and rear for more than 100 mph driving per the owners manual you posted, if he is running 17’s…

That example is for the sedan, Chris asked if any Lexus specified 45 psi.

The RX 350h with 21" wheels/tires shows 33 psi plus 8 psi for high speed.