My favorable review thanking DiscounTire

Transporting blood platelets to a Denver hospital emergently, (redightsiren), I ran over something that flapped against themergencyehicle’s left rear wheel well. Soon it dislodged. In the rearview mirror it appeared to be a roof shingle which stuck to the tire. (Reviewing the dash cam video I have not found the object.)

As I continued to the hospital for a “patient hemorrhaging on the table”, the low tire pressure warning icon illuminated.
After delivery, in the hospital’s parking lot I puthe spare tire on and called DiscounTire.
They stayed after closing to repair the tire. Found the hole in the tread and patched it. Also checked the spare tire pressure in their safety cage. (Smart!)

Thank you, so much, Store Manager Bryce Coon and Alvoro at 6171 East Evans Avenue, Denver.
Shall always continue to patronize DiscounTire.
Robert, EMT


You might benefit from rft tires.

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You could really show respect and appreciation by spelling the name ( Discount Tire ) correctly .
Instead of using your childish goofy spelling just to call attention to yourself .


I had the same experience at my Goodyear dealer. Wife was heading out of state as soon as she could but found a nail Friday night. I was at the dealer before they opened Saturday morning and the owner/manager plugged the tire for me. I. Bought four new tires just after that because I don’t like plugged tires, awd, and winter I thought was coming. No snow yet but maybe coming.

They say the patch glued over the hole inside should keep the tire “good as new”.
Inflated it to 44 psi to match the other tires.

Owner dressed as old woman: (I could not throw a tire on wheel that far.)

We’ve used our local Discount Tire since the early 90’s, Great service and selection.

I had a similar experience at Discount Tire in CT. I was driving back from a late shift in New Haven. It was blizzard and changing he spare was not really an option, neither did I want to drive on the donut for 50 miles. The guy was closing the shop, saw me limping in, reopened the garage door, took care of me, didn’t even charge extra.
This was 20 yrs ago.

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Available in 21-inch rims?
Expen$ive and ruin fuel mileage?

Fortunately I am fast at putting the spare on.

This 2023 RX350 wheel hub has no protruding threaded shafts on which lug nuts screw.
Instead, long bolts withexagonaheadscrew (with hexagonal heads screw) into the hub.

Nice review and a reminder to us all that in these days of impersonal buying, the personal touch and personal relationships still matter.

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Actually I’ll have to say I had a pretty good experience with Walmart too. We were driving to Lincoln, Illinois to take in the presidential library. Picked up a screw and was losing air fast. Hobbled into Walmart, the only one open at the time, and they got me patched up. About 500 miles from home.

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I have heard great stories from most all of the national chains as well as horror stories from the same chains, it all depends on the people working there and the Manager(s)… From my area anyway…

Remember most people on social media mainly only post complaints and rarely post about the normal/good experiences… Yes, there are exceptions…


I’m happy to hear you had such good service at Discount Tire. I’ll be sure to give that vendor a chance at the sale next time I purchase tires.

Is that the pressure listed on the ambulance/other emergency vehicle door frame?

Also, can forgive the misspelling - typing with thumbs on a flat surface sucks, lol!

We’ve had a love hate relationship with our nearest DT… it started off and very helpful because the store manager was thrilled to have been able to get the chance to see what wheels and tires would actually fit on our 2020 Connect… it took us 6 sets of different brand name tires just to find out which tire was best suited for the van. Discount Tire worked with up for 4 months trying to locate the best tire for our van. But after finding the tire, the shop started screwing up… they over tightened the tuner lugs, did not balance the wheels correctly and kept adjusting my seat even after I told them NOT to do any of these things… they still did so. The last day we were there I could tell the employees where snickering and whispering behind our backs… The manager flat out told us, we don’t want your business anymore…

Dude, the great tire whisperer has never read any of Robert Gift’s post before?? This will be very entertaining… :rofl:

And his misspelling is nothing more than childish attention drawing to himself and VERY annoying to the adults on the forum… :man_facepalming:


Surprised the manager did not tell you to go away a lot sooner .

The seat was moved so the shop workers could drive the silly vehicle . Big Deal !!


Agree, LIT put that tire shop through the wringer.

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I’m sure the district manager (or worse) is the one that found out about what was going on with the 6 (or whatever) sets of tires and is the one to put a stop to it… That is a whole lot of payroll being wasted for nothing more then basically having fun… And if the tires were driven on, they may not have been able to sell them, it is hard to sell tires as new with rocks in the treads and no stickers, so inventory would be off also… And or the manager finally realized that the tires and payroll effected his monthly bonus…


Common Misconception. DiscounTire is actually right at 2% cheaper than Discount Tire- as they save money by sharing the “T” on the signs: 11 letters is cheaper than 12 letters.

I’ve never thought to complain about my seat being moved which happens every time. I never even complained about grease on my steering wheel. Just happy to get the car back.

And yeah who wants to pay for new tires that were already installed before.

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