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My drivers side tire won't move on my 2000 dodge neon

I have had my car sitting for about 2 weeks and I had ah problem with my car were my nuts came off while I was driving some how when I pulled over the car was wobbling I had 2 bolts left holding the tire on. I had gotten my car towed to my house and had new prongs and bolts put on my car since then but now when I try to drive or move the car it only moves maybe 1 foot forward and maybe the same amount of feet backwards… Does anyone know what this problem may be I tired to turning the steering wheel while pushing it backwards but nothing helps… It’s like when I’m trying to move it I’m bumpin into something or I have ah block behind the tire that’s keeping it from moving

Were the studs and nuts replaced by/in a shop? If not, can you provide some details?
Is the parking brake engaged?
Has the car been sitting with the parking brake engaged since you had the studs and nuts replaced?
Do you have the ability to kack the corners of the car up and spin the wheels by hand?

Post back.

I would take the wheel and brake drum off and look. Perhaps some brake hardware broke and is jamming it or if one of the studs wasn’t drawn up tight it could be hitting the wheel cylinder or shoes.

Well I didn’t have them replaced by ah shop I bout the parts from ah shop and had someone put them on for me… The parking brake isn’t engaged. No the parking break hasn’t been on at all… No I haven’t jacked the car up just yet but since you mentioned it I will try that…

I wanna say I agree with the jammin also because that’s what it’s feeling like… I will take a look

Front wheel or rear wheel?

Oldtimer, I was wondering about the studs too. If they were replaced in the backyard by the “pound the old out/bang the new in” method, Hammered in studs aren’t always properly seated. That’s why I asked where the workk was done.

I jacked THA car up I couldn’t Spin the tire when I spent it going forward it sound like somethin scraping and backwards it would just stop

Well, now that you know which wheel it is, you’ll need to remove the wheel and begin looking for why. If you lack the tools or expertise to remove the hub, you may want to have it towed to a shop.

I bet you have a part of somekind in the brake somewhere.

I had that method done to get the studs out… And I will look into either using my tools or towin into the shop… But I will try to remove tire and see what the interference is

The proper way to remove and replace studs is to remove the hub and use a hydraulic press. Many people use the hammer method, but a press is better.

We STILL don’t know which wheel it is…

We STILL don’t know which wheel it is… and don’t know if it is a disk or a drum brake. If drum there is probably something in there that don’t belong there.

I have always used a well greased lugnut and a stack of washers to draw new stud(s) into place.

I’ve never tried that, but it certainly sounds like a good way to do it.

I’ve done oldtimer11’s method many times. The main advantage is not having to pull the hub to do it. Just need a good breaker bar. But, you do need to make sure the lugs are FULLY seated.

I drove out a lug bolt one time and it fell between the rotor and the shield. I finally got it out, but it would stop the rotor from turning. Also my granddaugher’s husband had a spring fall out in a rear wheel and locked up the wheel. (FWD)