1994 Dodge Ram starting trouble

When my truck is cold, I have to turn the key two or three times to get it to start. By that I mean I turn the key, turn it all the way off, and turn it again until the engine starts. The first two times, it doesn’t crank or make any noise at all, but the radio and dashboard lights come on. I got the truck in May and it hasn’t done this all summer.
Also, if it idles at a red light when it is cold, it will stop running and I have the same problem as above when I try to re-start it.
There is also a smell of burning rubber in the cab once it has warmed up.
Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!! Thanks!

This is kind of typical for a marginal battery. It could also be a loose connection at the battery.

If its an automatic transmission and it dies at idle, try restarting in neutral instead of park. It could be the park/neutral safety switch.