Trouble starting 94 dakota



My 94 6 cyl dodge dakota sometimes will not start. It won’t even crank over won’t even make a noise but the lights and radio work. Sometimes it will start no trouble after sitting a day. I’ve had it towed twice to the garage and when I get it to the garage it starts and the mechanic can find noting wrong. Put in a starter and the truck again wouldn’t start a few days later. After a couple of days I banged the area above the steering wheel and next to the ignition with my fists and it started right up. Any ideas?


When you try to start it is there any sound at all? If yes, please describe it as best possible.

How old is the battery? Has anyone checked both ends of each battery cable and the cable it self?


There is no sound at all when it doesn’t start. No clicking . no nothing. There is no corrosion on the battery cables. The mechanic just says they can find nothing wrong. They keep it for several days and it starts just fine for them after the tow. Sometimes it will be weeks before it fails.


I believe you have a bad neutral safety switch. The next time this happens (in any vehicle) just shift to neutral and see if it starts. If it does have the neutral safety switch replaced.