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My dodge dakota

I have a 89 dodge dakota and it starts sometimes and other times it dont start at all. when it does start and runs for a few min it will randomly die and when i try to start it after it dies it wont start back up. me and my dad just fixed the starter relay yesterday and it started everytime after that, now today it wont start. new coil, fuel pump, and fuel filter are new. please help any advise will be of help.

How old are the plugs and plug wires?

When it “don’t” start - are you missing spark or fuel? Did anyone ever put a fuel pressure gauge on it?

How many miles are on it? How old are the spark plugs? Has anyone ever checked the compression? By coil do you mean a coil pack? (I just don’t know the specific ignition system).

Did you swap another relay into the starter slot to see what happened? Perhaps you have a short that is killing that relay.

well my dad had brought it to another mechanic down the road from us and he checked the plugs and wires and he said they look almost new. but i just went outside and tried to start it and it did let it run untill it died and it made it 3 min and quit. went back to try to start it again and she did let it run again…lasted 4 min now it wont start again.


old dodges had a wire to the amp gauge which i once found to be the problem but that was a 76