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1995 Dodge Dakota won't start anymore - help!

My Dad recently passed away and I got his truck it is a 5-speed 4 cylinder. we started it and drove it twice it drove fine no problems. Now it will turn over but it will not start it is getting fuel and fire. I am at a loss as to what to check next any help would be appreciated.

If it sat for a long time the fuel may have gone bad.
The fuel tank may have to be dropped, cleaned and the fuel lines blown out.

If it did not sit for an extended time, it may be out of fuel. Maybe dad never mentioned that the fuel gauge hadn’t worked.


Presuming your testing is correct that you have good spark at the spark plugs and correct fuel pressure during cranking, and the engine cranks ok (that rrr rrr rrr sound), then the other things that could prevent start up are

  • poor compression
  • injectors aren’t being programmed to inject
  • spark is firing at wrong time or on wrong cylinders (unlikely if nothing has changed w/ignition system)
  • exhaust system is plugged up

If I had that problem I’d spray some starter fluid into the air intake and if it started briefly that way, probably the injectors aren’t injecting gas for some reason.

Exactly how did you verify good fuel pressure and spark?

Is the engine cranking over fast enough to start?

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