My delightful clutch issues!

I have a '95 GMC Sierra truck with manual trans. Have a brand new clutch assembly(turned flywheel)NEW HYDROLIC HOSES, SLAVE CYLINDER and it just doesn’t seem like it is engaging enough to get into gear smoothly. I have done this kind of work before and like to think of myself as a “grease monkey”. When the system is cold it is difficult to get into gear and when it heats up it is down right uncooperative! No slipping, no noises, just doesn’t seem to be engaging enough to stop all the syncros. I have re-bled the system and gone over everything I could think of and no improvement. I miss my truck and the dump runs are way behind schedule! HELP ME!!!

You might want to read this. It might be the problem.


With the engine idling, slowly release the clutch and note how high the pedal travels when it begins to stall the engine. If only slightly above the floor, adjustment or bleeding may be in order. If several inches of pedal travel are needed it may be the pilot bearing or the clutch disc may be “blooming” or the transmission may not be in perfect allignment with the flywheel.

What type of gear lube did you use? I once used a 90W-130 in a manual transmission that required 75W-80 GL-4. Once the temp dropped, that truck was just like yours, with a gear shift that was too stiff when cold, and weird when hot. Putting 75W-80 GL-4 in it fixed the problem.

This might be the culprit! I have changed everything EXCEPT the master cylinder. They’re cheap I’ll give that a try. Thanks!