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Clutch/Transmission Issue

Car is having issues getting into gear. Most times when I start up I can’t get into Reverse, 1, or 2. I can get it rolling in 3 and eventually get it into 1 or 2. As it goes into 3rd, it’ll grind until I get it pushed in all the way.

My car has always been really stiff when shifting. It’s never shifted smoothly.

It started after my car hit some ice and went up a curb (didn’t hit or jump) and got stuck in some snow. Don’t know if the snow underneath the engine compressed something it shouldn’t.

It’s a 2002 front wheel drive manual transmission.

Appreciate any help. Wife and I are on the Dave Ramsey Plan and don’t want to throw our money away.

It sounds like your clutch is not disengaging completely. This means the trans is still spinning when you try to put it into gear. If you keep jamming it into third pretty soon you’ll kill the 3rd gear synchro and it won’t go into third either.

You need to get the car to a trans shop and find out what is wrong with the clutch. If you continue to delay and drive the car as is you’ll be in need of major transmission repairs as well as a new clutch. Perhaps it is too late for the tranny now.