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1989 GMC Sierra Pickup

Wondering if my truck has linkage, transmission, clutch or other problem. It seems that after I drive it long enough to get it warmed up, it sometimes will not go into gear. It has a manual transmission, and especially when attempting to go into reverse, the wheels spin but truck does not move like maybe the emergency brake is on. Then at times while driving will not shift into any gear. Also, could a u joint issue cause this problem? When going reverse I hear an initial clunk, like u joint problem.

No help from you guys? I really am worried now. I only use this truck occasionally to haul stuff, but you see, if I take it to a mechanic and don’t get the right guy, I could really get soaked. I like this old truck and would like to keep it, but being blonde and female could give a shady businessman the idea that he could take me for a ride so to speak.

I’m not sure I understand how the wheels spin, yet the truck doesn’t move.

My first thought is that it simply needs a new clutch. Is it difficult to shift, or always popping out of gear, anything like that? I’m betting not, and if the clutch has never needed to be replaced until now, it’s due. 19 years is a long time.

One would think that the emergency brake is on, when in reverse the rear wheels spin (especially in gravel) but the truck fails to move. It will not go in gear. It has never popped out of gear, you just can’t get it to go in gear. My initial thought was clutch, but it works fine until you have driven for say 20 miles.