My Dad the Fuse Buster

The parameter that you are missing and it is the most important one is that the problem occurs when “heavy dad” places himself on the passenger seat and slams the door. If the problem is simply chafing the fuse would blow on a simple opening of the door.

I do discount the rainy or damp parameter and feel it is not a part in this problem.

I would try and link the “heavy dad” in the mix somehow.

Maybe he shuts the door harder than anyone else does. Maybe he kicks his feet up under the dash.

At times when customers bring you cars that show problems only under strict circumstances you must ask them to put on a “show” for you to see if you can get some clue.

Anyone heard from OK4550?

You could be correct about the extra clues Oldschool. Whatever the trouble is, hopefully we can help get it solved for the OP.

I am not such a mechanic, but I was wondering something. Is there some sort of seat belt sensor in this seat that a heavy guy might trip much more easily than others? If so, could this then have something to do with the problem?

It is good to consider such possibilites, we must try and piece together why it is only happening when one paricular person sits in the passsenger seat, what is unique about what he is doing?

I hate to be a knuckle scraper, but have you tried a slightly larger fuse? It probably won’t work, but it seems worth a try without a lot of effort or danger.

That depends on how much bigger. It is easy to start an electrical fire in the dash of a car, and it will quickly burn the whole car up. If the car is near a house or in a garage, then the house will burn too. I wouldn’t do it.

I would check to see if there is a connector in the door jamb on the passenger side that ties to the wiring for the door. If there is one then disconnect it and see if the trouble still occurs. If it clears the trouble then you know where to look for the problem. I know some cars at least have a connector for the door but I’m not sure about this one.

Cars are designed for their doors to be opened time and time again with no harness damage. I would not at all call it “common” to have a problem in this area

I have seen it often enough to call it common.

Maybe you can just copy and paste your answer then Joseph, save you all that time answering like questions.