My cars odeometer and trip meter stop working


hi there ,

i own a 1987 bmw 325ic the speedo works fine

but the odeometer and trip meter stopped

working can you help with this problem

any trouble shooting advice would be great

thanks stovebolt


Unfortunately this is quite common on BMWs. One of mine failed at 227K and another at 213K. The fix is to remove the unit and send it to a speedometer shop, or live with it. I’m still living.

You can find several speedo shops with a google search if there are none near you.


When you get it apart you will probably find the little plastic gears have stripped/broken. These guys (and others) sell replacement gears:

I’ve have a few (benz) VDO speedos apart, it’s not that hard to see what is broken once you get into them.


Thanks Craig58. I just sent them an e-mail requesting prices of gears for a Ford pick up as well as my current 325e


Cool, as I recall these little gears are usually about $20, still cheaper than sending it out for repair. I don’t know if they send step by step instructions with the parts, if not do an internet search ant look for DIY links for your specific car. I don’t know how hard/easy it will be on the ford.