2001 Ford Expedition - Speedo broken

Only my speedometer is not working. Tried replacing both speed sensors, and checked all fuses, about to check the speed cable, but don’t know if this year model has one… any help?

If there are no codes present, and if it shifts fine, you probably have a faulty cluster. If you have codes or if it shifts funny you probably have sensor, wiring, and/or PCM problems.

The vehicle speed sensor produces repetitive electronic pulses, the pulse frequency is monitored by the PCM to determine the vehicle speed. The PCM uses this info to control the spark, fuel injection, shift points, converter lock/unlockclutch etc. Does all that stuff continue to work as before? If so the speed sensor is probably ok, and the problem is the display unit (cluster), or one of its electrical connectors.

There’s only one vehicle speed sensor as far as I can tell btw. Which sensor was the other one you replaced?

A shop w/the right diagnostic equipment can monitor the speed sensor output, which is the preferred diagnostic method. It’s not a good idea to replace sensors on a whim to solve modern car problems b/c the old one may be ok, and you know it is an oem part, and new one may be some cheap aftermarket part and faulty and introduce new problems you didn’t have before, making matters worse.

please clarify what you mean by “both speed sensors” . . .

where were these speed sensors located . . . the ones you replaced, that is

this vehicle most likely has 3 abs speed sensors . . . left front, right front and differential

And I believe the actual vehicle speed sensor is mounted on the automatic transmission

See where I’m going with this . . . did you replace the correct sensor?

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My first thought is the speed sensor on the transmission. Located on the left rear of the transmission tail housing.

When a sensor failed on my Fords the cruise control quit also and the transmission would not shift into Overdrive.


I replaced the sensor on the side of the transmission and the one on top of the differential.

I will try the cluster next, but everything else in the cluster works, is it possible for just the speedometer to not work? Is there a speed cable behind the cluster going to the tran,on this vehicle?

no speedometer cable on this vehicle