I have a ford 86 taurus, I have it repair for a a replacement for neutral safety swith since the car won’t start, while in service I also asked for oil change. I have the car back yesterday, and the speedometer is not working as in it doesn’t tell me my speed, the hand doesn’t move at all, but the number in a little box does, they did something to it while their fixing the neutral switch?

If the odometer is working, the speedometer is getting signal from the vehicle speed sensor. This is most likely a problem in the speedometer itself. You may need to get a replacement gauge cluster.

Replacing the neutral safety switch most likely had nothing to do with the speedo breaking. Just bad luck with a 23 year old car.

oh, gee wiz, if that is the case, how much its going to cost me for that gauge? the car has just 29,000plus miles on it.

TONS of these cars in the junkyards. You can get a gauge cluster cheap, but finding one with the approximate same mileage will be very very tough. But they are cheaper than getting this one repaired.

You could call the guys at www.bba-reman.com, and see if they can fix this one for you.

does it mean that I need a whole speedometer? would it possible that its just cables or some sorts that connect to it might be wrong or old?
I apologize for being too naive, and annoying, first I really don’t know anything about cars, that’s why I popst the question. Many thank’s for the info.

well, thanks for all the inout, but its not bad luck after all, I took the car back to the dealership, and told them and they took it back and look if they miss something and they did! They said they mis attaching one of the wire that is why the speedometer is not working. I have the car back again.

Thank you for the time, I appreciate it!
Good day!