My Carfax is wrong

The dealer where we bought our 2018 Ford Fiesta has changed hands as so many dealer places do anymore. They offer a free Carfax on the vehicle as long as we own it. Nice feature if it was correct. The report shows several visits to Midas ( never been there ) and a current mileage of over 50000 . Only 35000 to high . At least the visits to the dealer service department are correct and showing the vehicle as a 1 owner .

As I and others have said those reports can be a tool when shopping used vehicles just don’t take them as entirely correct.


Agree 100%. The problem is they only report less then 10% of all the data. But they make the claim that you can be assured of a valid carfax report. If only 10% of all data is ever reported to carfax, then they can’t make that claim. And as shown the data they do have isn’t all that accurate either.

Good to use as ONE tool when buying a vehicle. But not THEE ONLY tool.

The way I look at is that if CF can’t be reliably trusted 100% then it’s not reliable at all.

Over the years I’ve found 3 major discrepancies on 3 separate personal vehicles so I soured on CF a long time ago.
It seems the majority of car purchasers buy into it though so that’s all the dealers care about.