Odometer and carfax

So just bought a new to me 2012 honda crv with 30k miles. Never got carfax from dealer. Just brought car back into dealer because of recall part and man behind the counter says this car has 115k miles on it. I said no car has 30k. He said oh I must be wrong. Now I am suspicious. Should I order $40 carfax report? Would that indicate if odometer was rolled back? Thank you!

Carfax can be frequently wrong so I would not put all of my eggs into one basket with them.
However, it could certainly point out a problem in that area so it could be money well spent.

If there’s an odometer discrepancy then the fun is really going to start. You might grill the dealer you bought this from and ask if they would pull a CF on their dime since this could be a huge issue.

Thank you. Will ask them.

I wouldn’t have left the counter without clarification about the difference.

Getting a carfax and having a PPI are things you do BEFORE you buy a used car, not after the fact. If a dealer is not forthcoming regarding carfax (most are monthly subscribers) then run fast. If you are buying from a private seller, pay the money and get a carfax. Also, get service records either from the seller or from the dealer network. Most dealerships will pull service records based on VIN.

A good carfax means the car COULD be worth buying and may deserve further instigation. A bad carfax means keep looking.

A good mechanic should be able to tell the difference between a car with 30,000 miles and a car with 115,000 miles.

Most states have a mileage disclosure requirement when a vehicle is sold. It sounds like the shop doing the work is the dealer that sold you the car. @Volvo V70 and @ok4450 make a good point, now get the disclosure statement and call the dealer tell them what the service rep told you. Ask for clarification on the mileage. If they give you the run around, give the DMV or state attorney general office a call and tell them about this. Odometer fraud is a big deal and the dealer could be in big time trouble if they mislead you about the mileage. Do not give the dealer any original copies of your documents, keep the originals and give them photo copies if they ask for them.

How did the man behind the counter know that the car has,115,000 miles as opposed to 30,000?
If you find from Carfax that your car really does have 115,000 miles and something was done like swapping out the instrument cluster, you have a real case. I think the dealer would buy the car back rather than risk you going to the news media if you have proof of fraud.
If the car really has 115,000 miles in less than 4 years, the miles may be highway miles. In that case, I might go for a cash settlement for the difference between low mileage and high mileage and drive on.

"…and something was done like swapping out the instrument cluster…"
For the past couple of decades, with the advent of digital display odometers, the miles are stored in the body control module, not the cluster, and posted to the instrument panel when the car is started. Swapping or “doctoring” the module can reset the mileage.

Carfax is a marketing tool and not something required by law. There could be an error with Carfax.

But, does the car look like it has 115,000 miles?

Pretty much agree. Get the Carfax but it may not be accurate. If it says the 115,000, then I think you have to go back to the appropriate state DMV office to also see what was reported to them on the title change. If it is still 115,000, it would be nice to also check with the previous owner but you would have to buy that info from the DMV. Then you really have a case to go either back to the dealer or get the state AG involved.