My Car

I am being given a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis.

I can’t use this car because its to big and to much of a gas hog. So im wondering how hard it would be to sell it. I live in East Central Florida.

You’re being given a car… for free, right? You might get a grand or two for it, which would buy you a real crappy car. Gas isn’t that expensive, you’re farther ahead driving the free, full-size sedan than selling it and getting a smaller vehicle.

For free, keep it.
The term gas hog really does not apply as this vehicle should have the 4.6 and should easily get 25 MPG on the highway.
It’s not THAT bad.

These are popular cars with many of the retirees who live in Florida. It should be easy to sell.

Depending on the mileage and what kind of shape its in, it shouldn’t be too hard to sell; many people would love to have a larger car that easy to get in and out of. I wouldn?t plan on getting much for it. It?s 10 years old and even if it?s got really low mileage most people won?t spend more then a grand to two for it.

If it?s in good shape, I?d find a friend who needs that type of car and sell it to them. You probably know someone who is driving a junk car and who really needs a car like this, if you do then sell them the car for a really good price. You?ll be rid of a car you can?t use and your friend will have a reliable car. It would be a win-win.

But that?s just my opinion.

For the proper price ANY car will sell. Check local ads for your competition and going prices. Cars don’t sell mostly as owners are in a dream world.

Its not a high demand vehicle but they are decent cars.

If you are wantint to sell your car go to and it will tell you what your car is worth. This is the Guide that the banks around here use to check value of vehicles.

wantint = wanting