Too many cars need advice

i have too many cars-- 3,to be exact & one truck. one needs not to be discussed 2004 buick. i have a lin. 1987 great body runs good–302 a little gasy --a 1990 150 ford truck 302 gas eater–hardly drive it at all, have for sale sign on it now . but truck comes in handy once in a while, if i can get by a gas station, had it 10 years, decent shape119,000 mi. also have 1989 merc grand marquis-- 149,000 mi. no leaks runs great,bought it 9yrs ago with 119,000 mi. tried to get heat fixed everything done possible gave up. the frame has a couple 6 inch holes on 2 places on frame same side on bottom & in upstate it won"t pass inspection? unless fixed. the other day i was brushing the snow off roof heard lot snap, got under car found top part on spring broke, but still in place, car doesn"t tilt i don"T want to spend a lot of money to get that fixed plus the other side will will also have to be replaced and a couple of other things need to be fixed. should i try to sell it to someone & and tell them what needs to be done ( someone said on the car talk any car that runs is worth $250) and it runs very well-- the age caught up. i know i can call a paper add and they will take it off my hands for $ 50 no problem? i would donate it,but the way my taxes are done ( not enough deductions) it can"t be done.if the car wasn"t acting right i would put it on the street for free but it runs great, but it"s time, any advice would clear my mind

Your Mercury sounds like a piece of junk. Get your $50 tow-away and consider yourself lucky. You are already selling the truck. Lower the price if you can’t sell it soon. Do you still want the Lincoln? If so, you are done.

Just because you can’t get a tax deduction is no reason to reject a donation. You won’t get much anyway since it is a junker. Maybe just feeling good about a donation could be your reward. If you can find anyone to take it, and I doubt it.

Since this car has the FI 5.0 what I would do is put up some ads on it including Craigs List,, etc.
These engines/transmissions are very popular amongst the performance crowd and someone should be willing to jump all over it for more than 50 bucks.

Ask 4 or 500 with an OBO notation and sell it as “parts only”. Being able to hear it run is a huge plus and it should sell pretty quickly IMHO. Not that I need it but if it were anywhere near northern OK I’d be tempted to jump on it if you’re going to near give it away.

I’d second that motion if it’s in or near southern KS, a suburb of northern OK. I suspect it’s more likely to be NY as the poster mentioned “up state”. I don’t think OK or KS have an upstate…?

$50 to tow it away is not a good deal anymore. Around here they’re paying $175 a ton for cars as scrap. I understand it’s much higher near seaports. The engine and transmission are worth a lot to the right guy. Shoot, I have a Mustang that could use the tranny.


thanks for the reply---- the only junk items are the holes in the frame& the spring being broke. and the other side would have to be changed . i was told on car talk to have the frame patched ( welded) the frame is still strong. i was thinking about that but when the spring broke i felt that was it?? i was going to sell it after it was welded. i don"t want to put any more money in it. the engine and tranny are great. no leaks the guy that had it before me put new seales in the engine & and a new tranny/. the car still has a lot of pep. but i feel enough is enough i"m sure you know what i mean!!!

took your advice & listed on craigslist sold my truck, today . also listed my merc for $450 but knowing things that were wrong with it i didnT want to sell it like that to anyone. one young girl wanted it but i said no. too much to do even though it runs well, i could"t sleep if i did sell it, soooo i put it in for auto parts section got top offer of $220. one guy offered $150 to bring it to a demolition derby & have fun. he was funny!!! rather see it go for parts. i never heard of craigslist ( around rochester N.y. it"s swap sheet or newspaper) ok4450 i would like to thank you for the advice, still got merc will make decision soon thanks again