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I am new to selling. I have a 97 Chevy Blazer that I am looking to sell. I have a couple of things that I need to take care of first but there are also a couple of larger issues with the truck that I probably couldn’t afford to fix myself. I am considering putting it up for sale as is. What are some tips on figuring out how much to tell it for? My dad bought it for me back in '08 and I believe he paid around 2400 for it.

Depends what the ‘larger issues’ are. Care to describe them?

The first one would be that the gas gauge doesn’t work. You have to go by how many miles you drive. (Like you can’t tell if the car is full, 1/2 full). I’ve never had an issue with this other than knowing how much gas in it. The second issue is the key gets stuck in the ignition. You can turn the whole car off, it wont be on but the key won’t come out.

You might go by Lowes/Home Depot/etc. and buy some lock lubricant, it might fix up your sticking ignition lock. Do NOT use WD-40.
As for the fuel gauge, it could be something cheap or moderately expensive (sender). You can appraise your vehicle at several sites, such as this:

Does your Blazer have a low fuel light? Does IT work? If so, the fuel gage itself is probably bad. The instrument cluster can be fixed, but that’s not cheap. I have ‘a guy’ who does most GMs for $125. Unfortunately, the sending unit for that gage is attached to the fuel pump inside the tank. It must be bought as a unit. Fixing that is even more expensive than the cluster.

For the most part, unless the vehicle is not running, fixing broken things will probably cost you more than you will recoup when you sell it.

The first thing is to determine how much it’s worth if clean condition (some normal wear but no major mechanical or cosmetic problems; may require limited reconditioning). To do that, we need to know the model (base, LS, LT), transmission, options and mileage. Then figure out what it would cost to repair, and subtract that from the total we just found. You can do it yourself here:


I think the fuel sender is the problem, NOT the gauge.

Just replace the whole fuel module (which includes the pump and the sender)

If you sell the car without fixing this issue, expect to get considerably lower offers

Log onto craigslist or to get an idea of what the Blazer might be worth in a private party sale.

@MgMcAnick replacing the fuel sender on a Blazer is not that big of a deal. Yeah, the tank has to be removed, but there are no special skills or tools required. Any competent shop could do it.

My chilton labor times says 2.6hrs to replace the pump.

Rockauto prices for AC Delco parts:

Fuel level sensor (the float) $91.79

Pump (including float) $231.89

Even though it has no value right now, you should be able to get between $700 and $1,000 for it if the buyers aren’t picky. Sell it for any price but don’t fix it. You will never recover the cost of repairs.

I should have added that is an LS and it’s got around 130k miles on it. There are no issues with the trans and I just replaced the radiator and hoses on it not that long ago. As far as the low fuel light I have never seen one come on, so I don’t know if it just doesn’t have one or it doesn’t come on.

I traded my 2000 Blazer LT 4wd with 127k miles in November for a 2013 Equinox. I got 1300 for it plus another 400 knocked off the sticker price. It needed front brakes and rotors and the CEL was on for the Evap system. The body and interior were in very good condition. The dealer put it on the lot for 5k. Used cars were selling for a premium in NJ after Sandy. The gas gauge hadn’t worked in years.

Hopefully you can get a price between these two numbers.


The Equinox is a sweet ride. Unless you fix the issues beofre selling it, you will take a bath in risk fees. If you want to be rid of it, trade it in, or fix it and sell it. In my staed (MD), the car has to pass a safety inspection whenever it changes hands. If your state does the same thing, you are going to sell it quicker if you have the inspection certificate that allows the new owner to register it. Or maybe trade it on a new or late model Equinox.

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