My car wont start

the ignition cylender wont catch at all an its installed the ritie way whats wrong with it

Let me have a look into my crystal ball. Standby.

Tell us what happens when you jump start the engine. Then, we can go, a step at a time, from there.

Sounds sorta’ like a problem my son had a few weeks ago on his Mazda. The outside of the ignition switch somehow slipped so the key would not go in. He called the mechanic,and they told him to have it towed in and it would cost $400 to put on a new one.

He had taken a correspondence course on locks a couple years ago, when he started med school. So, he looked at that a while, took his picks and picked it back in line.

big block daddy to help you we need more information. Your posting has fooled at least three of us so far, and you can be sure others looked at it and gave up. I try never to pick at anyone because their grammar and spelling isn’t as good as mine, but your posting is not something we can understand.

What kind of car? What year? How many miles? Exactly what does it do or not do? Can’t you get the key to go in, or won’t it turn?