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Key stuck in ignition and car wont crank

I have a 2005 Trailblazer and the other day, I got in and it wouldnt start. Wouldnt even crank and the key became stuck in the ignition. It wasnt until the next day I could find someone to jump start me but that didnt work either. Finally that night I was able to get my key out but it still wont crank. Would getting a jump work this time or do I need to take the battery somewhere to be charged?

First clue that your ignition switch is faulty.

Second clue that ignition switch is faulty.

Third clue of faulty ignition switch.
You could try to take the battery out and bring it to a parts store and have it checked. Then try again with a fully charged battery. If that doesn’t work then I am thinking it is a bad ignition switch.

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It could also be a clue that OP somehow got the wrong key and jammed it in there. Lacking the proper transponder chip, the car won’t start with or without a jump. Lacking the proper keying, the key can get stuck.

OP should verify with certainty that they are using the correct key.


I did use the correct key. That was the first thing I made sure of

On the TB, if your battery goes dead, you cannot rotate the ignition all the way to off because there is no power to the interlock solenoid.

You need to either temporarily power the truck using a jump pack or replace the dead battery with a good one. Then, you should be able to rotate the key to off and remove it.

I see a new ignition switch in your future.

Personally, I’d quit wasting my time/energy and just have it towed to a shop. Maybe call a locksmith first, but I bet you’re going to need a mechanic to put in a new ignition switch.

Good luck.

Additionally, in view of GM’s history of problematic ignition switches, I suggest that the OP check to see if GM has any technical bulletins and/or extended warranty coverage relating to his car’s problem.

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I had key problems, the key was worn out, gut a new one cut at the dealer by vin number and things were fine after that. 03 Trailblazer. If you have a lot of keys and stuff on the key ring that could lead to switch problems.

There’s nothing wrong with the key. This is normal situation with trailblazer if you attempt to start with dead battery. Once you rotate out of off position, cannot go back due to no power to interlock solenoid. Apparently, the key came out during jumpstart attempt. Just sounds like dead battery to me.

OP jumping a completely dead battery may not work if it’s so dead it is dragging down the jumper battery. Even if it does start, this places huge strain on your expensive alternator. Trickle charge the battery first and see if it charges. Then try starting, if it starts, great. If not, you need to measure battery voltage while cranking. The battery may have no capacity and needs to be replaced. If it does start, you should check to see what may have drained the battery in the first place. Could just be old but also may be parastic drain. I had a weird drain on one of my TBs where the power seat relay was partially stuck on…good luck!

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