01 Malibu...ignition problem?


I have an 01 Malibu w/73k miles on it. Its been an excellent car except for one thing…when I stick the key into the ignition it seems to catch? or get stuck? Don’t really know how to explain it.

Its almost like something inside the ignition is not lining up right preventing the key from turning. Once I get the key to move the car starts right up. Its just getting the key from the initial position to the start position. Any suggestions? Let me know if you need a better explanation.

PS…I’ve already tried getting new keys made. That didn’t work.


Take it to your local locksmith. They should be able to take care of it.

Do you have a lot of keys and “things” on your key ring? That extra weight can cause wear that causes the problem.


Have you tried the spare key? Sometimes the keys get eaten up. Otherwise go to the locksmith.


You could get a new lock cylinder. A dealer or locksmith may be able to get the identical one or the locksmith will modify it to work.