My car won't go into reverse!


Ok, my friend has a 1999 BMW 323i and just recently it doesn’t want to go into reverse. Before this its been running great, and it goes into all other gears just fine, its an Automatic, soo does it have a Transmission problem or what? and how much would it cost for an HONEST mechanic to fix said problem, and if possible, can a novice of car repairs fix said problem?

Please and thank you for all your help in advance!

My guess is it is nothing more than a linkage adjustment needed, but I sure can’t be sure.

The one thing I can tell you is don’t go to a national chain shop. Find a local independent transmission shop.

Only thing a novice can (or should) do is drain the transmission fluid and refill to the correct level with the correct fluid. If this does not help, take Mr. Meehan’s advice and go to an independent transmission shop or an independent German car specialist.

Are you saying that the gear selector won’t actually move to the R position? Or that, you put the car in R and push the gas and the car doesn’t go? The former problem could very well be very simple. The latter would not be such great news.