Transmission don't go to reverse


my 1998 nissan pathfinder won’t go in reverse, the mechanic replace the transmission but it still won’t go in reverse what could possibly be wrong??


Is this an automatic or stick shift?? Which engine do you have??



Is your mechanic “stumped”.Are we dealing with a part that has a unknown history? Or is this a re-build that has gone wrong? I know your post says “replace” So the old transmission woultn’t “go into” reverse and now the “replacement” transmission wont “go into” reverse? Same concern that a replacement transmission didnt fix. Yea manual or auto.


it’s an automatic transmission, that goes on forward but not reverse. engine V6 3.3L
Thanks guys any comment is appreciated


Reverse is pretty basic, no electronics involved here. Either you got another bad transmission or there might be something wrong with the linkages.



I don’t know much about trannies but could this be a shift linkage issue rather than interior tranny?