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Manual transmission/reverse

my 2000 saab 93 convertable will not go in reverse. I can shift into every gear going forward fine but the reverse gear will not engage. what could be the problem? is it an easy fix, expensive fix and am i doing harm to my car if I continue to drive it going forward? thank you!

With the engine off can you shift into reverse gear? Once in reverse gear can you start the engine with the clutch disengaged (pedal down) and drive the car in reverse? Any noises when you try to go into reverse? Were there any noises before the problem arose?

Answers to these questions will help us help you.

No I cannot get it into reverse even with the engine off. There is not noise it just will not go into the slot. No noises ever occured

That sounds like a linkage issue. It may need an adjustment.

That sounds like a linkage issue. It may need an adjustment.

We all really hope that it’s a linkage issue, otherwise it’s a tranny issue.

is it easy to adjust the linkage? expensive???

will I do any further harm if I continue to drive the car this week without adjusting the linkage?

The only harm is not being able to back up. Linkage repair could be expensive – who knows? – the problem has not been analyzed.