1999 BMW 323 won’t go in gear


car wont go in gear,neither reverse .smell comes out when engine on

Manual trans?
Odometer mileage?

And… Can you describe the smell?


With no additional information, I would bet $1 that it is a manual and the clutch is shot.

If I am correct, on a 20-year-old car, if it has typical miles for its age, it would be prudent to replace the dual-mass flywheel and the rear main seal while the clutch is out.

If it is a manual transmission, see if it will go into gear when the engine is shut off, if so, that indicates that the clutch is not disengaging, which can be caused by a failed throwout bearing or chunks of clutch facing floating around between the plates.

Oh, and they used a nylon clutch fork pivot pin. That nylon part can mash down with time so that the clutch won’t disengage. That is a $10 part but several hours of labor so you replace everything while you are in there.