My car will not go reverse

Hi there,

Yesterday when driving 45mph, I wrongly applied shift to R and P (reverse and parking) briefly. Now the car will not go reverse but still go forward. In the idle and when engaged at R, it now makes sizzling noise.

My car is a 1999 Acura 3.2TL. earlier (in about a year), it turns to over heating especially when in traffic and lately (about 3 weeks ago), it will turn off engine while still driving at full speed. I would like to know what went wrong and what I need to do, and how much $$$ i will have to pay.

thank you very much, from a big cartalk/npr fan,


When a Honda automatic goes into reverse a sleeve dog clutch moves to release a main shaft gear and engage the reverse drive gear. Then the clutch for the mating countershaft gear meshing with those two gears engages. Since you have all of your forward gears the clutch for reverse gear is probably okey and the dog clutch is engaging the mainshaft forward gear correctly. However, it is possible that the high speed engagement of reverse damaged or removed the dog clutch teeth or (unlikely) the mating teeth of the reverse drive gear.

Run the car by the Acura service shop and have their transmission mechanic have a look at it. If the damage I described has occurred, you are looking at a removal, disassembly, inspection, part replacement, reassembly, and installation. I hope s/he finds something I didn’t think of.

Hope this helps. Please post back the resolution of this problem.