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1999 Honda CR-V no crank

Went around sharp curve it cut off and now want crank

Your CRV had a recall of the ignition switch for stalling. First thing I’d do is check with your dealer (call them with your VIN) to see if the ignition switch was replaced under the recall, and if not, have that done.

The recall was because high current draw by the starter degraded the contacts inside the switch.

Looking around on the web that seems to be first place most everyone is pointing to I also seen where a person mentioned that I may have caused the crash stall devise to go off and some where behind the glove box was suppose to be the rest button does anyone no about this situation

So now I have called the dealer and this vehicle did not have the recall on ignition switch so dead in the water really no clue where to start

How many miles on the car? Is the check engine light on? If the car will not crank you could still have a bad ignition switch, just not covered by a recall. The battery could be dead, did you try jumping it? A cable from the battery to the starter could have come loose. The crash switch usually cuts off the fuel, the engine will still crank but not start as the fuel is no longer being pumped.

That’s what is going on sorry should have been more specific the engine is turning over it just want crank do u no where the switch may be

180000 miles at this point I bought used a year ago and this is the first issue but have Hurd fuel pump usally is not the issue

Check for spark. Be sure to ground the spark plug you pulled while checking for spark, otherwise the ignition circuit can be damaged.

If no spark, next thing to check is coil, ignition control module, and pickup (these are all inside the distributor). These can go bad and result in no-spark condition.

(And just for future reference, if the engine is “turning over,” it is “cranking” (same thing). So it sounds like your engine is “cranking” (turning over) but not starting. We get a lot of confusing posts here from people who say their engine won’t crank, when it actually does crank, it just doesn’t start.)

There is no such switch on your car.

My guess, some wire or another in the engine compartment got pinched or disconnected as you went around that corner. And now isn’t making a good connection. hmmm … so what to do next? hmmm…

Ok, it cranks fine but won’t start right? So the battery and charging system are probably ok, otherwise you wouldn’t get a strong crank. Most likely the problem is either no spark or no fuel. So test for spark, and if that’s not the problem, test the fuel pressure at the fuel rail.

Do you know how to do those two experiments? If not, one thing ou could try is spray some starting fluid into the intake manifold see if it will start and briefly run . If so, that means the problem is lack of fuel, as the spark must be ok otherwise it wouldn’t have started and ran with the starter fluid experiment.