My car only makes this sound when it’s cold

So my car only makes this noise when it’s cold. It makes a sort of clunking/clicking when I turn. When I turn right it’s louder than when I turn left. However it only makes it if it’s about 40 degrees or lower outside…what’s wrong?

Does it make a clunking noise when you go over small bumps? If yes,check the stabilizer end links for wear.

Look at both front axles, and see if either has a torn CV-boot.


I agree that it’s likely the CV joints, but I have a lightly different “take” on the issue.
Generally a thunking noise when making sharp turns comes from the inner CV joint.

The inner CV joint is designed with a three-pronged center, each with a bearing on the end, that fits into a three-slotted housing. It allows a modicum of articulation, but primarily allows the axle to become longer and shorter as the wheel moves through its turning and suspension geometries, while still enabling the transmission of torque through the axle. It frees the steering knuckle to move through its necessary curves and angles without restriction.

With wear, over the years, the bearings on the trifurcated center can wear “null” positions in the slotted housing. When that happens, sharp turns have to fight the wear spots to move the assembly in & out. The battle between the bearings trying to allow the axle to go in and out and the wear spots trying to hold the bearings in one place can produce knocking.

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Concur w/the CV joint idea. Maybe the reason you hear it only when it is cold is b/c what’s left of the cv joint grease isn’t flowing as well into the joint’s nooks and crannies.

Cv axle. Kinda easy job once you get the axle nut off. Also it’s a messy job.