My car lurches why?

At any speed my car likes to slow down a bit then go back up to speed… feels like little mini lurches. Why… dirty fuel injectors?

Does the engine slow down or rev when this happens? If it slows down, it could be any number of things, but a dirty fuel filter or a dying fuel pump are possibilities. If it revs, then you’re having transmission problems.

it does not rev. I’m guessing dirty fuel filter, clogged fuel injector, will a fuel aditive help you think? Maybe even a single bad spark plug could do it???

Since fuel filters are a part of normal maintenance, that would be the first to try.

A failing fuel pressure regulator is another possibility.

Are there any other symptoms?

What year is your Accord, and what engine does it have?

Some Accords have EGR systems that get clogged up with carbon deposits, and when that happens, it displays the exact same symptoms that you have described.


Much of the time these things do just come from neglected maintenance items like old spark plugs & wires, dirty air & fuel filters. Its also the kind of thing that can come from a failing fuel pump.

Of course, no one really knows just where to start b/c you didn’t even give the year, let alone the mileage or anything about its maintenance history.

So get all of the basic maintenance up to date whether you think its the problem or not. After that go on to simple diagnostics like check of the fuel pressure.

Is your check engine light on?