Car stalls

2002 Honda Accord, 4 cyl., will stall unexpectedly when coming to a stop or slowing down. It will start to shake and hesitate as one is slowing down from 35+ mph, then will stall at the stop. Has some trouble restarting, but when it does, everything seems to be fine. No codes are left, and my mechanic suspects dirt or something similar is contacting the fuel injector(s) on a sporadic basis. I did replace the spark plugs as they were due at the time this first showed up, but it has happened twice since in a 3 month period. Thank you for any advice.

“dirt or something similar is contacting the fuel injector(s)” is, I suppose, a possibility. But its usually the same as saying “I have no idea”

I’d start with a good cleaning of the idle air control valve and throttle body.

This may seem like a screwy test, but I’ve noticed this problem in a couple of cars over the last few of years. Start the engine, then press and hold the brake down hard. If the engine begins to stumble or stall, it could be a brake booster with a leak causing this problem.

Even a failing vacuum hose! (if applicable)