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1997 Honda Accord engine "stutter"

Car has engine stutter, mostly when accelerating as you change gears. It is a Honda Accord manual transmission 5 speed V-tech engine with approximately 158,000 miles. It has been on Honda dealership computer, driven by 2 honda techs, It has new spark plugs, new plug wires, new distributor cap. Been through 3 step injection and engine cleaning. We have used STP, premium fuel, and over the counter fuel injection cleaner. No elimination of the “stutter”. Please provide suggestions for a solution.

How’s the fuel pressure? Has the fuel filter ever been replaced? Does the Check Engine Light come on?

HI! Thanks for your response. The check engine light has never come and we bought the car brand new and have done all of the maintenance as scheduled. The fuel filter was replaced 1 and a half years ago. I don’t know about the fuel pressure though. I will get that checked and put on another fuel filter and see what happens. Thanks again for your ideas and if you have any more thoughts, I look forward to them!

Have the valves ever been adjusted?

Unless it was done under the regular scheduled maintenance, not to my knowledge. That will be another good thing to have checked. Thank you very much for your input!

The distributor is old enough to suspect. Get an estimate from an independent mechanic for a remanufactured distributor.

Could also be a weak coil.

Hello! I had the fuel filter replaced this morning and took it on a 100 mile outing. The little coupe preformed just beautifully! The new fuel filter was exactly what was needed. I double checked the last time the fuel filter had been changed-June 8, 2006. The mechanic will check the fuel pressure in a couple of weeks after he gets a fitting he needs for his gauge. The stutter had been plaguing me for 2 years! Thanks to you-not any more. I a very grateful for your suggestions! Have a great weekend!

We had the fuel filter replaced this morning and talked to the mechanic about the valves. The engine runs smoothly and has no clatter, so he thought the valves were OK. The fuel filter amazingly fixed the problem! I am going to keep your suggestions in my file. The car is aging and the distributor and/or coil could fail any time. Thanks again for your suggestions!

I have another question. The timing belts were replaced at 86454 miles toward the end of 2001. With approx 158,000 miles, when would you suggest replacing the timing belts and should the water pump be replaced, also? That is what the dealer did at the 90,000 mile service. Looking forward to your input!

Valves that are too tight can be damaged or interfere with operation without making a sound.
I’m surprised how many mechanics don’t understand this.

The timing belt is good for 7 years or 105k miles, you are due.