My car just randomly died =(( hellpp

Just bought this car used. 180k miles. Absolutely love it…until it randomly died on me.

Here’s the skinny. When I try to start the car, the first thing I hear is a very audible belt squeak, but it quickly goes away, and the engine starts to sputter and shake violently. The cylinders fire slower and slower, and If I step on the gas, the car just cuts off.

My first reaction was to guess the timing belt had frayed and was slipping…come to find out after about 5 minutes on that the 2000 G20 uses a timing chain…

Stumped please help =( I have no way to take my kids to school anymore.

Well, it could be just about anything - from a clogged fuel filter to a blown engine.

So unless you know stuff about messing with cars or know someone who does then you are at the mercy of a tow truck & a mechanic.

It was having problems idling at lights before…sometimes it would randomly stall out, or just run really rough at low RPM.

Could be one of a hundred different things. Not enough info to diagnose over the internet.

Timing belts don’t “slip.” They can break or jump a tooth though.

Well that piece of info is moot seeing as my car uses a timing chain =(

I really have no other way to describe it. Thats exactly how it behaves. If I were more knowledgable, chances are I wouldnt be asking for help here!

Thank you anyways

First and simplest thing to check is to open up the air filter box and see what the air filter looks like. A totally clogged filter could be part or all of the problem. A really dirty air filter will indicate the car got minimal service and needs a trip to a mechanic or some time in the driveway of a DIY home mechanic.

What you describe sound like a failed fuel pump or clogged fuel filter, but no way to confirm that over the internet. You will need to take it to a mechanic to get it fixed.

Have you checked the oil level? Is the oil light on?

Is a check engine light on? You may be able to read the codes for free at your local auto parts store.

How many days have you owned the car. Can you still return it and get your money back?