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2000 Chevy Cavalier

I have a 2000 Chevy Cavalier LS 2.2 liter engine. Yesterday i drove over a curb and heard/felt it bottom out in the front. Later in the day i heard a ratteling sound, like shaking a nickle in an empty tin can, from the front passenger side area. This morning i cranked it up and drove it 300 ft. before it died. Now it will not start, engine turns but will not fire. Any ideas?

Did this rattling sound seem connected to going over bumps, or was it persistent any time the vehicle was running? From the outset, this doesn’t sound good, but time will tell as we get more info.

Was persistent, whether driving slow, fast, or idling. Car is at a mechanic now, was hoping to get some ideas before he calls me with his diagnosis.

Did you inspect the vehicle for any kind of damage after running over the curb? Did you check the oil level? How about checking the scene of the incident for evidence your vehicle was damaged or lost fluids or components?

I looked under the car the best i could. No obvious damage i could see, the exhaust pipe does not look crushed or dented, oil pan looks fine. I checked my oil level as soon as the car died this morning, even though there was no evidence of any leaking and the level is fine. Unfortunately i did not think to stop and look at the scene of the incident since the rattle didn’t start until a few hours later. But there was no evidence of any fluids leaking in my work parking lot or in my driveway over night. The AAA tow truck driver said it sounded like it could be my timing belt. Do you have any idea if this vehicle has a timing belt or chain? Or if it is an interference or non-interference engine?

Your car has a timing chain, not a belt. Timing chains are not usually problematic in the 2.2L in this car. The overhead cam “Quad 4” engine is more common with timing chain problems.

Getting a diagnostice check right now…i’ll post what the mechanic says when he lets me know.