My car is whining in the morning

Dear Car Talk Guys-

I have a 2000 Toyota Echo Sedan with 120,000 or so miles on it. Aside from replacing the clutch, battery and tires over the life of the car I have had no problems. My husband and I recently moved from New Mexico to Kansas after being there 5 years. My car, once I moved here was squealing and the shop i took it to said I had cracked belts and replace them a little less than a year ago. Most recently, when I start it up in the morning, the car whines or sounds like an “EEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIEEEEE” sound as it warms up. Since it is rural KS, I have not put more than 500 miles on it in a year. Could it be a belt problem again so soon?

Do you have any suggestions before I get bamboozled at the shop with a bunch of costly repairs?

I guess she’s jut not a morning person :slight_smile:

It could be a belt squeal so soon and not be the fault of the new belt.

A problem with belt tension is possible. A spring loaded tensioner that is bad or an ajustable tensioner that needs re-set. ( in the old days of bolt adjust tensioners they very often needed to be re-adjusted after the belts ‘‘wore in’’ )

An accessory that the belt drives which is binding at start up, but loosening as it warms.
Alternator, power steering, water pump, tensioner & idler pulleys would all be suspect.

Thank you!