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Toyota Echo Squealing

Hello, My 2005 Toyota Echo has a squeal when the A/C and just the fan is running. The sound is worse when the A/C is on and in the mornings. It is a very loud and noticeable squeal that seems to be coming from front right side if you are sitting behind the wheel. I am hoping someone on here will know what this problem might be and also if you might know an estimated cost. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

Your A/C belt is probably dried up and needs to be replaced.

I agree. Sounds like you need a new AC compressor drive belt. The belt itself is maybe $20, and the labor to install it shouldn’t be too much.

If you’re handy this is a DIY project.

This happened to my Echo. One of the belts just needed tightening. Didn’t cost much.