My Echo 2005 70K make squeeking noise at startup and at low speed

Can someone help me to diagnostic the noise coming from my Echo 2005? 70K miles. I took to the dealer twice and spend a total of 500$ but the noise still there. The dealer changed the drive belt , new brake pad and clean the rear drum and adjustment. The noise occurred at start up and sometime at low speed below 10mph. The noise increase then stops after 6 second. Anyone have this problem before???

Help to diagnose “THE NOISE” coming from my Echo"…we are on an internet chat room… Any description of the noise perhaps? Sounds like? Happens when I… etc… Little more info please?


I posted the noise on Youtube.

Does the noise disappear with engine speed or road speed? You say it disappears at 10MpH but does it disappear when you rev the engine a little, without moving the car anywhere?
Is it an automatic or stick?

Why’d they do anything to the brakes? In your video, the car is making noise but not moving, is it?

My car make noise on cold startup but not all the time and sometimes on below 10mph. The noise desappear after 6-7 second and get louder and louder then stop. The dealer told me the the brake is 1-2 millimeter left and need to be change. The car is parked and not moving. It is an automatic transmission. Thank you for your help. The noise come and go…randomly.

So it stops after 6 seconds and then it gets louder? When does it start again, then? If you are sitting still in park does the noise disappear when you press the accelerator or do you have to drive to make it stop?

Since the mechanic seems to have checked and replaced the obvious things, it may be something a little more unusual. For instance, loose driveplate bolts can make a weird intermittent racket. They are easily checked.

That’s a great car, the 2005 Echo. I like the car’s design. Wish I had one! Good on you to keep it working.

There’s several possibilities. It is not likely the brakes if the noise is present even when the car is not moving and you aren’t stepping on the brakes. Find a level place. Put it in Park. Take off the emergency brake. Does it still make the noise? Try placing your foot on the brake peddle, and off the brake peddle. Any noise in either case? No noise? Then the brakes are not the first place to look. (You may still need brake work as a safety issue, but that isn’t the source of the noise.)

Does this happen more often or the noise is louder when the weather is cold? If so, the drive belt is the first suspect. If the dealer put a new one on, it is possible he didn’t properly tension it. There may be problem with a tensioner pulley (called the idler pulley) too. Not sure if you car has one though.

Beyond that, anything that the drive belt powers would be the next suspects. The air conditioner compressor, the alternator, the water pump. A good mechanic would know to use a car-stethoscope to help determine exactly where the sound sound is coming from. I use a length of rubber garden hose myself. I just move it around while I listen to the other end. It is fairly easy to determine which of the culprits is causing the problem this way. Don’t do this yourself if you are unfamiliar with working on cars because it can be dangerous if you get the hose caught in something moving. But ask your mechanic if he tried a stethoscope.

I admit: A lot of us here I expect have this problem or something similar and just ignore it! It goes with being cheap and lazy! Eventually the problem will show up as something leaking or smoking or whatever, and then we’ll know what to replace or fix.

Best of luck. And keep that cool car running and in good shape!

It defonatly sounds like something being driven by the drive belt from the video. Something Has a bearing that is weak. As others have said, it could be the alternator, waterpump, power steering, ac compressor or an idler pully. A good mechanic should beable to tell you. Ps does it do this everytime you start the car or only when you start it after it sits for a while??

Thank you all for your reply. The sound appear only on start up when the car is sitting for a while. I drove the car to the dealer last Thursday but I could not simulate the sound. It is intermintent sound and it is very loud. Last night my wife experience the same sound again after work. The sound usually start after a cold start and then stop by itself without pressing me pressing the gas pedal. Any hit might be appreciated. I will bring the car back to the dealer on Monday and have them use a stethoscope.

Attached is a new video of the noise. It is coming near the alternator. But I could not find where it is. It is so loud. I only happen when I have the heat to full blast.

Could be your belt but it frankly surprises me that your mechanic can’t find it.
Could also be a bad bearing in one of the accessories (steering pump or alternator).

Get one of these things at sears, pepboys or napa and probe around. That way you can definitely point to something that makes a lot of noise, when you get it to your mechanic.