My car is making a loud clicking noise

my 2007 Chevy Impala is making a loud clicking noise from passenger side , sounds like it’s either behind glove box or down by floor boardany ideas of what this could be, it happens while driving but only last less than a minute, and it happens after I shut the car off. Both times I had my air conditioner off.

Blend door actuator. Inside the car under the dash. Costs $50 or so plus an hour or so labor to replace it.

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I expect MM above is spot on. OP could experiment with different HVAC settings, see if that changes the symptom. If so, confirms an HVAC door actuator problem. I’ve never encountered that myself b/c none of my vehicles have that level of HVAC sophistication, but by reports here the repair is usually quick & easy, but in some of the doors can be quite time consuming.

Blend doors generally don’t operate after the ignition is switched off, the noise you are hearing is likely from the recirculation door actuator, that one is located near the glove box. Start the engine and switch from fresh to recirc. and see if the noise starts and stops.