My Car is haunted! Car's antenna mast keeps running even when the car is off

Today I noticed that my antenna mast on my 1990 Integra was cycling up and down non stop. Turned off the radio and it kept going. Turned off ignition and it just started up again after a few moments. The radio lights came on a couple of times even when the radio and car were turned off. This I first noticed after parking at a store for a while, where the problem “appeared” to have stopped (but I was wrong). I looked at the fuse panel legend, and there is not a listing for a fuse for the antenna motor. There ARE listings for power windows, of which I have NONE, other than the moon roof, so I pulled the fuse for the radio but this did not stop the antenna from doing it’s thing! I was forced to undo the cars battery for the night! Any thoughts? I know it is an electrical issue, but it is weird!

There are two fuses for the radio and antenna, fuse #14 and #22. Removing both should keep the battery from going dead.
Disconnect the antenna motor at the base of the motor to remove it from the system, if the radio lights still turn on with the ignition off the problem may be in the radio.

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Thanks Nevada. According to my fuse box diagram, it shows radio listed only at #22. #14 is for the interior lights/radio/cig. lighter. At least if I undo that one, it’s nothing major. I guess to undo the motor I need to take apart the interior of the trunk to get to it…Not something I want to do at this hour.

Okay it’s done…now let’s see if the ghost returns.

If you disconnected the antenna power you should be OK till you get the antenna repaired. In fact, if the antenna mast is out of the fender a few inches the radio should work and there would be no rush to get anything done. You might be amazed at how quickly and easily the problem will be solved when the dealerships mechanic gets his hands on it.

Well, truth be told, I don’t use the radio much, as the speaker wires are so old that it cuts out most of the time. I just think it is odd that the antenna mast has a mind of it’s own! Just an electrical glitch I guess.
This will now force me to get the whole radio/speakers finally replaced…no more singing to myself!

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You may need a new radio. More often than not the speakers cutting out is an internal radio problem and may indicate that the antenna problem is also related to the radio. The antenna should extend fully when the radio is on and retract fully when the radio is off.

Posting here as these latest anomolies with my '90 Integra MAY be related to fuses I pulled based upon previous posts above. Months ago I pulled fuses #14 and #22 (see post from Nevada_545), so no more haunted antenna mast. The interior lights/cig-lighter and clock display no longer function but that is fine with me.
Two days ago, the clock display started coming on (starting at 1:00) every time the car is started, and it flickers in unison along with the door indicator light, which flickers very faintly. All doors are closed, as I’ve checked them, and all other dashboard/idiot lights work fine. Upon turning the ignition off and restarting, the clock comes on again, back to 1:00, so it obviously totally loses power once the car is off.
I’m just curious if anyone has ideas or thoughts. It does not SEEM like a dangerous condition, but is it an indicator of looming electrical problems?
I may post this as a new discussion too, if anyone thinks that would be better.

Hi Michelle, fuse #14 powers the clock memory, radio, lighter and dome light. If the over head dome light switch is left in the on position with the fuse removed you may experience some odd side effects.

You should try to pull back the trunk liner and unplug the antenna motor so that you can put those fuses back in.

Your car is not haunted…It’s been wired so the antenna goes down when you turn off the key…Like Nevada said, disconnect the power wire from the antenna or replace the antenna if you want to maintain that function. I would run the antenna mast up, disconnect it, and call it fixed…Automatic car washes may be a problem if the brushes can wrap around the mast…

@ Nevada_545…I went and wiggled the dome light switch, and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks for that info. I KNOW I need to disconnect the antenna motor, and get those fuses back in. It’s just been a low priority, but now has moved higher up the list!

@ Caddyman…of course I know the antenna goes down when I turn off the key; the initial problem was that it would run up and down even when the car was parked, not running, without keys in ignition, and the radio was turned off! Very odd I thought, but then again, she (the car) is getting old and maybe a bit eccentric :wink:

Nevada Hello I have a 2004 Mazda Miata and my battery was going dead after 6 days of sitting, I replaced the battery and while outside today my car was off, everything off and I noticed the Antenna struggling to rise on its own. I removed the #22 fuse , its for interior light , antenna and I think the Flasher. THE antenna has not risen again, however. I wanted to ask…My radio has a CD player in it and that stopped playing just prior to all this nonsense with the battery. Is a combo unit the radio works fine. Do you think I need to replace the entire radio or is it the antenna or something else… Never had these issues before the car has been Great. Lee

Mine did the same thing 2004 Mazda Miata. I just took out the fuse for the Antenna. My radio is fine but just prior to this my CD player stopped working its all One Unit. Not sure now what to do replace antenna radio/cd player or all my fuses.