Power antenna '89 Cadillac Fleetwood


The power antenna on this vehicle will not deploy when the power button on the radio is pressed, nor will the radio tune or scan for radio stations. Additionally, a cassette tape will not play. The radio has power as the clock will function.

Is the radio’s function dependent on the antenna’s deployment? Are there any tests I can perform to track down the problem?


There are probably two fuses for the radio; one to maintain constant power for station memory and clock function, and another for the radio itself. Find these fuses and see if one is blown. If the antenna won’t extend, the radio will have a hard time picking up any signal. Have you checked the fuse for the antenna? That will be separate from the radio fuses.

The radio should “work” even if the antenna doesn’t but all you’ll hear is static. If you’re not getting any sound and the cassette won’t play, I think the radio is not getting power.


It appears the radio has “some issues” going on it it. If you want to have it repaired there are places you can send it in to and have it fixed.

The antenna does have to be up for the radio tuner to work well. You need to see check to see if power is getting to the antenna motor when the radio is turned on first. The motor may be bad or there could be a mechanical problem with the antenna. If there isn’t any power then you need to back track to the radio and find out why. As stated by Mcparadise, check the fuses for any blown ones.