Bose radio acting up

Bose radio in 2002 Acura TL is now is working intermittently.

The radio acts like it suddenly loses a signal.

We pulled the radio out and sent it to a well known place in FL and they said the radio was fine. So they sent in back and reinstalled it.

Same thing it works and then you can switch a station sometimes it loses the signal and then at other times I can switch the station and it works fine.Antenna seems to be the problem-maybe?

Unfortunately, the antenna is in the windshield of the rear window of the car.

That would be crazy to do and a huge expense. I would want to be certain that it would solve the problem. I guess I am wondering if there is a way to circumvent it and still get a good signal-or other ideas.

It Was Working Fine One Day And Not So Much, The Next Day?

How difficult is it to remove the radio enough so that it is still plugged in, but install temporarily, a different mast type antenna (inside the car or sticking out a window) just to try, eliminationg the car’s antenna?
You don’t have aftermarket window tint or anything like that?


It’s a little hard to understand how the radio is acting … do you mean that your driving down the highway and the radio cuts out, or is the radio OK one day and the next it doesn’t receive all the stations.

SOME radios have an internal battery … that’s the first item I suspect when the radio is over 5 years old.

The radio can be fine and then I can switch the station and it acts like it can’t get a signal from either FM/ AM stations. I can leave it overnight and the next day the radio works again, then no particular action it will again-go to static like it doesn’t have antenna.
The place in FL mentioned unplugging the battery for 15 minutes, which we did by removing the radio.
I will email them and ask about the internal battery.
They said they “bench tested” it and it worked fine.
Thanks for all you help.

Sun activity is the cause of your concern.

No I don’t have the windows tinted.

Sounds like it either didn’t act up when they tested it or they were very lazy in their testing. If you can pull the radio partially out of the dash and drive the car until the problem happens, I’d try wiggling the antenna connection and tapping on the radio case to see if the problem improves or gets worse. It sounds to me like you have a bad connection somewhere. Unfortunately it may be internal, such as a bad solder joint on the circuit board. Also pay attention to whether the environment is hot or cold–many electronic problems occur with thermal activity. If the problem turns out to be the radio, it may be more cost effective to replace it with one from ebay or a junkyard if you can find one. (or aftermarket)