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My Car has the shakes

I filled up my car three day ago and ever since then its been shaking when I break and when I speed up and pretty much any time the car is moving. I have no idea why its doing this I just had it in the shop two weeks ago for a full check up. any idea on what the issue could be?

With what, exactly, did you fill it?

You didn’t accidentally use the wrong blend of gas, did you? Or diesel?

Did the shaking start as soon as you filled the tank? Is the engine shaking or is the car shaking?

You might have gotten some bad gas. If you bought from a station that also sell diesel and you are sure you didn’t use the diesel pump, and you probably didn’t because you can’t get the diesel nozzle into the filler neck past the restrictor, then it is possible that the the truck delivering diesel put some in the wrong tank at the station.

You could check at the station to see if they have had any complaints. If you did get diesel in inadvertently, either your fault or the stations, just stop and fill up (at a different station) as often as you can to dilute the bad gas that is in there now. Using premium gas for a couple of times might help.

I filled it with regular unleaded the place i filled up at has gotten the tanks mixed up before and I assumed it was bad gas but there wasn’t any other complaints. I diluted the gas and it seems to be running a bit better. I took it to my mechanic and he told me it could be any number of things starting with my ignition or it could be that my fuel pump it weak.